Ichthyosis is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, a Golden Retriever must inherit 2 (one from each parent) defective copies of the mutated gene, to be affected by the disease. By having a simple autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, and by using careful selection, Ichthyosis is not difficult to breed out. We have DNA Tested our Goldens and their status has been added under their litter profiles on this website, all our puppies bred will be either Clear or Carriers.

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With Breeding...

Affected Puppies should NOT be put to sleep!

The dropping of skin flakes throughout the home when inside does not in my opinion make for a healthy living environment for humans and especially young children.

Golden Retrievers are a family member and should be in the homes with their families.

No need to keep a puppy just because it is Ichthyosis Clear, there are other considerations which we feel come first in choosing a Golden for Breeding, it is an added bonus if the best puppy DNA tests Clear, but all is not lost in keeping a Carrier to run on, so long as the Carrier is bred to a Clear Golden.


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Litters bred out of a Carrier or Affected Bitch to a Clear Dog, Puppies will be DNA Tested and a Certificate produced stating their status for their Puppy Health Information folders. As each litter of breeding progresses this disease will be bred out of our lines without loosing any of the gene pool, we will still look for the best of everything we need to consider in a Golden before considering a Clear over a Carrier.

Breeders Personal Thoughts on this Disease:
Ithchyosis is NOT by far the worst problem we see in our breed, but it is a disease we have control over with Genetic Testing.

Until recently Breeders in the US did not know what caused the flaking in certain puppies. Veterinarians were of the belief the flaking was caused through allergies, poor diet or hormones, as they had never heard of Ichthyosis.

If Breeders are being proactive and informed on this disease, with DNA Testing and knowing the status of our breeding Golden Retrievers there is no longer any excuse for breeding Affected Puppies.If Breeders do continue to breed Affected Puppies, they should be held accountable by the public who purchase these puppies in good faith, only to find the puppies have a life time of flaking with possible secondary infections, much more time consuming bathing and grooming, making sure the diet is correct as a "Hot Spot" of fungal infection can become an expensive trip to the Vet and cause suffering for the puppy, this disease could easily have been avoided.

Treatments usually rely on increased hygiene measures with frequent brushing and Kerato-regulating Shampoos, weekly emollients and providing a fatty acid-enriched diet. To date there is no specific or effective treatment for Ichthyosis currently available.

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What is Ichthyosis:

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Ichthyosis is an autosomal recessive genetic mutation that affects the skin of Golden Retrievers. The mutation prevents the outer layer of the epidermis from forming properly, resulting in skin that becomes darkened and thick and flakes excessively. The name is derived from the Greek word for "Fish" due to the fish-like scales that are observed on dogs with the disease. Puppies affected with Ichthyosis develop white flakes on the skin soon after birth. The flaking persists through out the animals life, progressively becoming larger and darkening, becoming dry and rough with age, this disease typically does not cause any itching. On badly affected Golden Retrievers, secondary infection complications caused through bacterial, fungal or parasitic is associated with the condition.


What is new is the DNA Test now available to Breeders to use as a tool in controlling this disease and slowly breed it out. This disease occurs in many breeds of dogs and is also a common condition in humans.

Ichthyosis is not a new disease but a condition that has been with us for many years, it is a common inherited dermatosis observed in Golden Retrievers World wide.


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